Purebred Friesian Stallion
Hessel H.
Purebred Imported Friesian Stallion - Son of Feitse (Preferent Stallion)
Hessel was a truly gentle giant with a heart of gold. 
Beloved Stallion. 

RIP Hessel November 2015

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Horse Expo 2007 - Click on Photo to See Web Page with Additional Photos
Black Pearl's Show in Wisconsin - June 2007      Click On Photo to go To Web Page
Pas De Deux - Hessel & Zorro CSDEA Championship Show
September 2007 - Performance Under the Stars
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Unfortunately the performance was at night so all of the photos are of the practice sessions - but we will be adding an embedded video from You Tube of the performance at night when both of the stallions and the riders look super!
Hessel and Trey (age 5) in the costume class - November 2007  Hessel was the "Batmobile". Would you put a 5 year old on YOUR stallion? Hessel was super; there were three other entrants on horses; he never even looked at them and  he was so careful like he had the most precious cargo.  He never even flinched when we put the caped "Batman" on him!
Isabelle - Hessel x Saddlebred
Black Filly - Amazing Gaits
Hessel Purebred Colt
Lena - Percheron/Hessel Filly
at 5 days old....black and beautiful
Hessel x Appaloosa Colt
WILD color
Hessel x NSH
Gorgeous, Gentle Filly
Lovely Movement!
Hessel x Bay Paint Mare
Hessel x Morgan Filly
Hessel x Paint Colt
Hessel x Arabian Colt