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Friesian Stallions
16.3H 2012 Friesian Stallion - Will Mature to 17+ Hands
(Doaitsen x Fetse)

Tall, Elegant and Modern with Good Bone and Impeccable Conformation.  Martzen has a playful, fun personality.  Martzen is bred to excel as a sporthorse.  He has a short back and a powerful hindquarter that will allow him to drive from behind.

Martzen's tail drags on the ground and his mane/forelock are thick so we do expect him to get a lot of hair.  In addition, even though he is currently only coming 4 years old, Martzen has quite a bit of feathering. 

As a two year old, Martzen was shown in hand at the Canadian Andalusian Nationals and won all five of his classes.  Martzen was test collected last year and per the veterinarian his motility was over 85% - both mares inseminated were confirmed in foal the first attempt.

We will be limiting the breedings to Martzen his initial season, so contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in breeding him to your mare. 

Breeding Fee:  $500

Sire, Doaitsen 420 is a sport type Friesian stallion of impeccable pedigree and performance. He is an impressive, regal stallion with very good movements and conformation, a noble head and a lot of presence. He has an active trot with good use of the hind legs and a lot of height and energy. He was the biggest stallion of his year and is known for his long forelegs. His walk is long and ground covering. Doaitsen has a balanced and rhythmical canter. At his licensing he was given 7.6 for walk, 7.8 for trot, and 6.9 for canter, points which gave him the overall score of a high 82.50 points. The jury awarded him a 1st premium. His tremendous willingness coupled with high trainability gives this stallion a great future. He is a son of Wander from a line from Duhoux, from Hindeloopen. His dam was classified ‘model’ as was one of her sisters. The grandmother was preferent. In 2005 Doaitsen had the highest index for producing first class foals. In Kootwijk, his daughter Silkevan ‘t Speijksbosch was declared the best filly foal of the show. Offspring Rixt Vrouwkje and Pieter L were champion foals in Drachten. Doaitsen son Pierre van de Olde Moate was the best colt in Hengelo. Doaitsen 420 also sired Tibbe. Doaitsen 420 is presented by Marijke Folmer in M dressage, is aimed toward Z dressage competition. He was Reserve Champion of 2009 and in Leeuwarden he had the most fillies presented at the Mare Selection.

Damsire, Fetse 349 Sport is one of the all time best breeding stallions within the FPS Studbook. He has 4 approved sons, 7 model mare daughters and a Star average of 46%. He has been awarded the Sport predicate for carriage driving. At the 2011 Stallion Show in Leeuwarden, there was a special tribute to him with 4 of his model mare daughters
Martzen's sire Doaitsen 420 and damsire Fetse 349