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* We aren’t currently offering in uteros, but if you send us your contact information we would be happy to contact you once the foal has arrived.*

Friesian Sporthorses:

  1.  Purebred Friesian Martzen x imported Swedish Warmblood mare Tornrosa

  2.  Purebred Friesian Martzen x Oldenburg mare GB Sitka

Irish Sporthorses:

  1.  Irish Sporthorse Blackshires Brohdi x Dutch Warmblood mare Roxy

  2.  Irish Sporthorse Blackshires Brohdi x 3/4 Thoroughbred mare Jazzabell Jo. 

  3.  Irish Draught Blackshires Ares x Irish Sporthorse/Swedish Warmblood mare Blackshires Bria.  

  4.  Irish Sporthorse Blackshires Brohdi Oldenburg mare Neske BEC

  5.  Irish Sporthorse Blackshires Brohdi x Oldenburg mare Wega Annabel BEC.

  6.  Irish Sporthorse Blackshires Brohdi x 7/8 Friesian mare Ms Xena.

  7.  Irish Sporthorse Blackshires Brohdi x Fewspot Appaloosa mare Legends Lucky Leaf.


  1.  Oldenburg Don Deluxe (De Niro/Rosario) x Oldenburg mare Lucille (Royal Dance/Lord Sinclair).

  2.  Rheinland Belissimo M (Beltain/Romadour) x imported Dutch Warmblood mare A Royal Diamond MC (Royal   Diamond/Sandro Hit).

Gypsy Crosses: 

  1.  Gypsy Vanner Lazarus x Irish/Oldenburg mare HangOn Katriona BEC

  2.  Gypsy Vanner Lazarus x Friesian Sporthorse mare Persia

  3.  Gypsy Vanner Lazarus x Friesian Sporthorse mare Athena

  4.  Gypsy Vanner Lazarus x Irish Sporthorse mare Blackshires Brianna

  5.  Gypsy Vanner Lazarus x Irish/Thoroughbred mare HangOn Mocha BEC.

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